• 2014 exhibitions.

    Falarara & Prabha Projects "Patterns in Nature"
    Falarara & Prabha Projects "DWNTOWN Historical tour"
    Sculpture and Video installation.
    PinkBastard "Natural" at Lord Balfour South Beach.

  • 2013 exhibitions.

    Froelick Gallery Palm Springs Pop.
    Fountainhead Studios 2nd annual opening.
    Fountain Head Studio 3rd annual opening

  • Aqua Art Fair. Miami Beach. FL. 2012

    FROELICK GALLERY For immediate release:
    Froelick Gallery at Aqua Art Miami
    *December 6 – 9, 2012*
    1530 Collins Avenue Room 219, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 VIP Preview Opening: December 5: 7:30 – 11pm Museum Day (also open to the public): December 6: 12 - 9pm December 7 & 8: 11 – 9pm, December 9: 11am – 4pm General admission: $10 for duration of fair Free with Aqua VIP Card, Art Basel VIP Card and Art Basel Press Pass 503-222-1142 info@froelickgallery.com www.froelickgallery.com
    Froelick Gallery proudly announces our participation in the 2012 Aqua Art Miami contemporary art fair. Taking place in December during Art Basel week, this satellite fair is located in the historic Aqua Hotel, South Beach. We will feature a specially curated selection of works by gallery artists recognized for their narrative and figurative strengths. Working in a variety of media including photography, painting, encaustic, mixed media on paper, ceramic and wood sculpture, their ages span from 31 to 65, and they live throughout the United States.
    Highlighted artists are:
    Rick Bartow Matthew Dennison Charles Falarara Benny Fountain Miles Cleveland Goodwin Kris Hargis Terrell James Gabriel Liston Victor Maldonado Nat Meade Stephen O’Donnell Susan Seubert Aithan Shapira
    Please contact the gallery for reproduction quality images.

  • Synthesis.http://events.miamiherald.com/miami_fl/events/show/278679185-art-days-at-the-artisan-lounge-presents-synthesis-by-sri-prabha-and-charles-falarara

    Art Days at The Artisan Lounge Presents Synthesis by Sri Prabha and Charles Falarara
    Friday, Sep 7 10:00a to 9:00p
    at The Artisan Lounge, Miami, FL
    The Artisan Lounge Presents
    Synthesis by Sri Prabha and Charles Falarara

    Opening Reception Friday, Sept 7th, 7-9 PM
    Art Days Open Studios 10AM - 9PM Sept 7 & 8, through September by appointment.
    Small bites and refreshments will be provided.

    The Artisan Lounge is a new and innovative studio and gallery space for both the emerging and seasoned professional.

    Event Website
    Categories: Galleries, Painting

    Read more here: http://events.miamiherald.com/miami_fl/events/show/278679185-art-days-at-the-artisan-lounge-presents-synthesis-by-sri-prabha-and-charles-falarara#storylink=cpy

  • Mini Golf couse at the swamp with John Muir. Mixed Media sculpture created by Charles Falarara@Sri Prabha.

    'Big Art: Miniature Golf' turns museum into a putt-putt course
    Artist-designed, interactive exhibition opens Wednesday at Boca Raton Museum of Art.
    Sun- Sentinel
    By Emma Trelles, Correspondent
    July 18, 2012

    There was a fabled time in South Florida when tourists were drawn by the region's perpetual whimsy: Coastal motels were adorned with concrete mermaids, life-size camels and sheiks, and roadside attractions offered intimate visits with serpents and bicycle-riding monkeys.

    Locals enjoyed these kitschy pleasures, as well, and were privy to one more: the abundant collection of miniature golf courses that hosted family outings and children's birthday parties and challenged players to sink balls into the mouths of papier-mache dinosaurs or between the moving blades of a windmill. Skill might have counted, but luck and delight were equally important, as was whacking an opponent's ball out of sight when no one was looking.

    While a few of these courses remain, they lack the inspired brio of their predecessors and are usually more a collection of ho-hum greens, perhaps with a token waterfall thrown in. The Boca Raton Museum of Art is hoping to change that. On Wednesday, it opens "Big Art: Miniature Golf," a playable miniature golf course designed by local and national artists, who created each of the 11 holes specifically for the museum. Putters, balls, scorecards and stubby pencils are provided, as is an invitation to rethink visiting a museum as an interactive outing, one that considers fine art and its role in everyday living.

    "We don't want the museum to feel as if it is a separate and distinct experience," director Steven Maklansky says. "We want to it to be a place that connects to the other parts of your life. Museums are serious places of scholarship and creativity, but they can be playful places, too. A museum can occasionally wink with its audience."

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    After working as a director and curator in institutions such as the Brevard Art Museum and the Louisiana State Museum, Maklansky succeeded retiring director George Bolge about a year ago. Since then, he has brought in a small exhibition of mechanized nature-based sculptures by Misako Inaoka and hyperrealist celebrity portraits by photographer Martin Schoeller. It was Maklansky who pitched the idea of combining mini golf with contemporary art to his curatorial staff, sparked in part from having children of his own and from his interest in the links. But some of it evolved from a personal connection to a game famed for its backdrop of brightly painted curios.

    "I admit it: It all goes back to an emotionally distressing event that happened to me when I was 8 years old," Maklansky jokes. "It was the final hole of a mini golf course, and the challenge was to put it into the clown's nose and get a free round of golf. But I didn't get it in. Instead, my ball rolled down his face and into the oblivion where all miniature golf balls go. On that day, some 40 years ago, I vowed to explore a different and happier ending to the miniature golf experience."

    The museum course is indoors, and its holes can be played in any order, since they don't progress in difficulty, though there are sundry pars set to challenge even the most-skillful player. Visitors will play "Golf in the Swamp With John Muir," by Miami artists Charles Falarara and Sri Prabha, which was fashioned with resin-made water, greenery and a ceramic alligator's mouth. Hit the ball smack into it, and you'll hear a quote from the legendary Scottish-American naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club. Jeane Cooper, a media artist and assistant professor of graphic design at Florida Atlantic University, asks golfers to aim for the pin with "Hard To Swallow," a hole in which AstroTurf leads to a broadcast of mouths on tiny vintage television screens.

    "We accepted one that's more like a pinball machine than a putting hole, from two students in Minnesota," says Kelli Bodle, the museum's assistant curator. "I'm especially interested in seeing how edgy and creepy it might look. The artists do things that remind me of Louise Bourgeois, all those drooping female parts."

    Titled "The Hole," the piece is composed of tiny bones, intestinal pieces and organs. It's crafted by hand, of course.

    Big Art: Miniature Golf

    When: July 18 through Oct. 14; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday (until 8 p.m. first Wednesday of the month), Thursday and Friday; noon-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

    Where: Boca Raton Museum of Art, 501 Plaza Real, Mizner Park

  • Exhibitions for 2012.

    "Undressing Room"
    Opening June 9
    Froelick Gallery
    Portland, Oregon

    The Art Observer
    contact Richard Schemmerer at Launchitnow@aol.com

    THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2012
    Opening, "Undressing Room" at Froelick Gallery, Portland

    Summer shows usually bring out flowers and landscapes not at Froelick Gallery whose group show dares to look behind the dress codes of society.

    We are all the same naked or are we. Undressed we expose our vulnerability to ridicule or our need for admiration. Either way sometimes the clothed Human is more interesting
    and to much information a turn off. Other times it's just the right amount of titillation to hold our attention long enough before we head on to consume the next image. This was a nice attempt to play with the voyeur in all of us and it worked as the crowd proofed at the opening party. For me it was to much of a good enough thing but maybe I am just a prude at heart.

  • Exhibitions for 2011.

    Alberto Linero Gallery presents "SEPTEMBER" a group exhibition organized by PINK BASTARD. Works by David Zalben, Adriana Carvalho, Charles Falarara, Kathy Kissik, Eddie Arroyo, Cory Foote, Franklin Sinanan and Kevin Foltz. Alberto Linero Gallery is located in the hart of Wynwood Art District
    2294 nw 2nd avenue, Miami FL 33127

    PINK BASTARD ART FORUM in conjunction with Albert Linero Gallery
    presents "RED OCTOBER", Works by Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben, Charles Falarara, Eddie Arroyo, Kevin Foltz, Franklin Sinanan and Tom Cocotos. Sat. October 8th- 7 to 10 pm at Alberto Linero Gallery located in the hart of Wynwood Art District
    2294 nw 2nd avenue, Miami FL 33127

    Aberto Linero Gallery presents " RELATED" an art opening featuring works by PINK BASTARD artist Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben, Karla Caprali, Charles Falarara, Cory Foote, Eddie Arroyo and Kollabs. Opening reception November 12th from 7 to 10pm.Alberto Linero Gallery is located in the hart of Wynwood Art District
    2294 nw 2nd avenue, Miami FL 33127

    December 1 first 2011 the 10 year Art Basel weekend event Opening at Alberto Linero Gallery presented by PINK BASTARD a collective of works featuring Artists from Latin Americas, Us and Europe. Charles falarara, Adriana Carvalho and david Zalben among others.
    Alberto Linero Gallery is located in the hart of Wynwood Art District
    2294 nw 2nd avenue, Miami FL 33127